Sunday, 28 May 2017

Change One Letter....

I've had a month of busy busy busy and not alot of time devoted to scrapping or art. But actually, I don't really mind because I still got things done and felt like I have achieved something. I've been working on this card (what feels like) FOREVER this month and found it darn challenging. I knew what I wanted, but I just couldn't make it happen. So I've had to settle for this.

I was inspired initially by the Archi-scraps May 2017 comp and was trying to do something with it I've always wanted to - have a kraft coloured background and have the flowers/items spring forth from it - but it didn't come off! Oh well.

It is a card not a scrapbooking page, and maybe that made the difference. One day I'll do that page I'm dreaming of.

Change one letter today card - Archi-scraps May 2017
See? Didn't quite work out. There's something missing and I can't work out what it is. I changed the background to a dark colour in the end to get some contrast which is a cheat and not the right thing to do. Maybe I'll come up with the solution and then post it in here!

The inspiration. How hard can it be?

Ingredients: when I get over my grrrrr with this layout I will put them in!!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Happy Birthday Dad Card 2017 digi

I've noticed that the birthday cards for my Dad are always quite detailed and rarely based on a digital scrapbooking page I've already created as mid year I usually have time to create something from scratch (whereas other family members are closer to Christmas). That said, this year I did actually use a page as a base - my 'Art Fix' page.

Happy Birthday Dad 2017 digi card

I was inspired by the Cardz 4 Guys challenge blog which required a card to be "brown", but missed out on that comp. Still, I ended up with a really good card, and one I feel my Dad would like. I put lots of wood in and only a tiny amount of flowers. I was really happy with it.

This is the scrapbooking page I created before the card which I used as a base :
Art Fix 2017 digi scrapbooking page
Although this method is scraplifting my own work, it does help get a card out quicker and also gives me a chance to use my creativity to put a different spin on the card/2nd project.

Card Ingredients :
Far Far Hills Freebie Kit Wooden Backgrounds 003, corrugated cardboard (scanned myself), Cocomint Vintage Silhouettes Children - hoop & sailboat, Sugar Plum Designs A Boys Story - tread, Far Far Hills Freebies Kit Spring Day 002 (wagon wheel), Far Far Hills Freebies Kit Vintage Ornaments 0011, Far Far Hills Freebies Kit Light Wood 005 (texture for 0011 behind photo), Far Far Hills Leather Labels kit 002 and 003, Far Far Hills Spring Labels 0011 (frame around photo), Far Far Hills 50 old mechanical parts vintage scans 001/002, Lara’s Digital World Bye Bye Summer Elements - flower1 (blue grape hyacinth), flower2 (blue flower), Yalana Designs Light Feelings no 14 (small turquoise flowers), Rachael’s Scraps Flowers Vol 24 - no7 (white flowers), Paper Garden Project Sweet Anemone Kit - Leaf 2, free digital Satin Gold lettering, etc

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Card with a B theme

It's been a very very long time since I did a scrapbooking item related to a letter theme, but at The Sisterhood of Crafters I really loved their challenge of the letter B. B is for...? And to make a card using that theme, where could I go?

I picked my colours based on the B theme - black, blue and burgundy (and added purple to link them together (blue+red=purple). In my digi card I included : bling, butterfly, bird, bolt, border, beads, bricks, blossom, buttons, braid (gold braid around the B). For the title all I could think of was the word beautiful, so I used the "you are beautiful on the inside" as my text on the card. It was challenging looking for B words, but I was amazed how easy it was once I got into the groove.

digi card You Are Beautiful on the Inside Apr 2017

Ingredients : Satin Gold letters,  Prelestnaya P Designs Because of You element 53 (gold braiding circle), Far Far Hills Vintage My Love Dreams 0019 (butterfly), buttons - scanned myself from Dotties Buttons), Wendy Page Digital Design Bling Vol 2 no 2 (blue gem bling), Kimeric Designs Sis Brad no 1, Cilenia Curtis Designs Photo Borders 4x6 01 (changed to gold), Far Far Hills Vintage Style Ornaments Elements 006, K Hartley Among The Wildflowers - border 3, Indigo Designs Celebrate Spring - overlay no 2 (blossom), Mint Printables Birds Exotic Kit - 05 (dove), Far Far Hills 50 Old Mechanical Parts 002 (bolt), Far Far Hills Brick Walls Kit 006, Alexis Design Studios Decadence Alpha & Adornments (letter B), etc

Cards for the guys

I never really thought about the cards I make too much, as its just something I've done for so long that its become normal to make a card to say thank you, sorry, hi, with sympathy or happy this day or that day.

So here are some cards I've made over the years for guys.In some cases I use the design of a scrapbooking page and then turn it into a guy card. I also usually put a photo of the person (or animal!) the card is for. Somehow it personalises it more. For the guys in my family I usually pick photos from the past.

Fathers Day 2014 digi card

Birthday Card 2017 digi

IRL Thinking of You card with bunnies

Fathers Day card 2016 with some of my Dad's woodwork and wood turning! digi

Happy Birthday 2017 - going for that wood/ corrugated iron lookdigi

2013 Happy Birthday card - tried to make a really
special card for my Uncle's 100th. Was really happy with this
and he loved it. He passed away on the afternoon of
his birthday. digi

Happy Birthday card - yup - find the most embarrasing
photo of my brother and put that on his card! digi

Thank you card with no flowers! 2015 digi

Happy Birthday Card 2014 digi

Sympathy Card Cat 2017 digi

Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Guy Card April 2017

One of my online scrap friends introduced me to Cards 4 Guyz which really made me think about how I make cards for my family and friends and why. I generally personalise my cards as much as possible for the person I'm giving it to. Sometimes its a stranger, but in most cases its someone I know, so I include things I know they like.

I've been creating my cards using digi scrapbooking techniques for about 3 years now. So I thought I would have a go at the Cards 4 Guyz #167 challenge ' the great outdoors' and see how hard it is to create a guy-card on the spot. Well, that was challenging and fun all at the same time! I decided to make my audience 'younglings' or 'young adults' and included wild animals (from the great outdoors!), spiders and leaves and made sure there were no straight up girly items like pretty flowers. I made up the text which seems to follow the modern taste of late; a mix of insulting, truthful and/or humorous!

Cards 4 Guyz #167 'zoo card' digi scrapbooking / card
Ingredients: Animals: Doodlebug Designs, spider - Helly Designs Immortal Beloved kit, string - Fayette Designs Beach Therapy kit, leaves - Lara's Digital World - For Lara kit, fonts: Arial Narrow and DK Cool Crayon.


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