Sunday, 18 February 2018

you are my Super Trooper Card digi

And here is my digital scrapbooking card based on the Kraft +One Feb 2018 challenge - 'you are my super trooper' using most of the elements from my digi scrapbooking layout (plus a few extras I found hiding in the background!). Using the chains I tried to make it look part of a dress and the kraft background as the 'skin tone'.

You are my super trooper card
Hopefully it still has that ABBA feel to a different time and place.

It was really fun taking elements from the ABBA costumes and creating the page and the card.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Ode to ABBA Feb 2018 digi scrapbooking layout

Kraft Plus One's Feb 2018 challenge was challenging for me; I had no real nostalgia to draw from except some dim memories during primary school of some of my friend's mum's or teachers into something called 'ABBA' which I didn't even register was a band. Some had seen them in person, others treasured their records (yes - records!). The music I do recall from that time was Nana Mouskouri, Elvis Presley, and my Mum's love of Neil Diamond, Charlie Pride and other people I didn't really know or care for. I didn't really 'get' music of this kind. I secretly played my Mum and Dad's three Reader's Digest classical music cassette tapes over and over again in my room.

Sure, I could have picked ABBA out of a line up, but I as a primary school kid  I wasn't interested in that kind of music - just got used to hearing them on the radio for the next ten or so years.

So I didn't really find an appreciate of ABBA music until I bought the ABBA Gold album on CD just a few years ago, to play in my car. I had already 'discovered' The Seekers and Simon and Garfunkel, and I didn't realise how similar themed ABBA music was, and how unique their sound and their story was.

So when this challenge came up, I researched their albums (most of which I've never seen) and based my page on their costumes from the album cover of Waterloo which was so bizarre to my more modern eyes and very scrapbookable! I used a textured kraft patterned paper in behind.

So here is my Ode To ABBA.

Ode to ABBA Feb 2018 digi layout - Kraft Plus One challenge

Kraft Plus One feb 2018 challenge
Hopefully the die-hard ABBA fans approve!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Bling me! Feb 2018

Although I've loved bling in scrapbooking for some time, it never shifted over to IRL. Sure, I like necklaces if I'm lucky enough to be given one, but only in the last few years did I go out of my way to buy necklaces or brooches I like myself, and always in that 'costume jewellery' vein.

As I came back with three more brooches for my collection from my christmas break, I thought I would do a page about them and my new found love of bling IRL.

Ye Olde Bling Feb 2018 digital scrapbooking layout, Archiscraps
The inspiration from Archiscraps was a very ornate chapel, so I took one tower and created it from scratch using buttons, beads, flowers, pearls, etc to match the stones or flints on the building.

Archiscraps Feb 2018 inspiration +bling
Journaling on page reads :

I’ve only recently found an appreciation for jewellery, although I have always worn necklaces or brooches (which are oddly out of fashion and rarely seen these days ) - not rings - they just get in the way at work, painting or gardening. I love my necklaces, most of which have been gifts over the years, but on my last few Christmas breaks I discovered costume jewellery, and got some cheap and nasty pieces to start with. Since then I’ve found way more respectable brooches and started to wear them even to work! I’ve done a bit of research online and have fallen in love with brooches. These three I got from Ned’s Shed at Pambula. I paid less than $8 each. I’ll never be able to afford diamonds, sapphires or rubies, but costume jewellery allows me to enjoy bling!


Dita B Designs Click n Summer Memories Add On Paper 3 (tree shape)
American Crafts City Park Echo Park Detail Tree (felt tree)fruit labels (off fruit)
Hot Brass alphas, 
S Clingerman A Boys Story Alpha 1
Far Far Hills Christmas wreath Skimersan 005 (flower)
Basic Grey Black Tie Patterned Paper - Corso
JY Family Fun Night patterened paper no 12 (check)
 the paper stack no 2 papercraft magazine birdie floral lime/blue
Lara’s Digital World For Lara - Button round
Rachael’s Designs Antique & Vitage Buttons no 13
Angie Young Get Crafty Collage Sheet 36
Kimeric Designs SIS Brad no 2
Helly Designs Leave This World Behind - brooch
L Grier Disaster space 1 - paintstroke no 9 (clouds)
ADS Fall Fantasy Border 1
Aliya Because of You element 11 (arch)
American Crafts City Park Echo Park - Ribbon GreenBlue, etc

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Raptorlicious with Mojo Jan 2018

Its nearly February (whew) after such a long, drawn out January (for me anyway). And its hot hot hot, between change change change, and then back to hot again. But I'm still clinging to my wonderful christmas break when I really got out there and used my camera to the max to get loads of bird photographs - many species a don't see at home. I've always loved 'raptors' (no, not those things from Jurassic Park), but now I'm loving them on a whole new level as they let me into their world via photography.

And I think I may have almost found my scrapping/creative mojo after having it take a little detour away and left me with jigsaws and decorating using christmas cards, toilet rolls, and folk art style work which is all I've been able to do last couple of months.

The Archiscraps Jan 2018 comp was a chance for me to pull out my camera again, and try and take a selfie that would suit the challenge. Well- lucky no one was watching. It was way easier when my camera was a little thing - now its humongous and weighs a tonne! But I got photos I was happy with. I also went and used my last stored gift voucher and bought some extra product, which I used on this page too, though only a little. Its been hard to find cute animals, cats in particular, fungi and playing cards! And I'm blowed if I'm going to scan in a whole pack of 50 odd cards! But I did get some things that were different, but still no tassels - so I had to design those myself from a piece of cord from a cord digi pack (with a knot at the top). Not sure which would be easier - making one IRL or digitally!

Raptorlicious Jan 2018 digi scrapbooking page, Archiscraps Jan 2018 'must use tassels'
So, there's my page (a bit weird - I was kind of channeling Cleopatra because of the falcons and what tassels reminded me of - arabian nights!). And here is the inspiration :

Archiscraps Jan 2018 - must use tassels

And here's my ingredients list:

Cilenia Curtis Tab-Tags no 3
JCD Chalk to Me no 5 & 6
Far Far Hill Freebies Vintage Scans kit of old style frames 0010
Sarahh Graphics Sunday with grandma - hearts small pink
Far Far Hill Christmas Wreath Skimersan - 003 (pine branch)
Mullens Among The Wildflowers - leaf
DitaB Designs Click n Summer Miemories Add Ons - flowers (darker)
PrelestnayaP Designs Hello Autumn element 6 (daisy flower)
Far Far Hill vintage tile kit - 006
Fayette Designs Beach Therapy - patterned paper solid brown
Frou Frou Craft - Lovely Birds no 3 patterned paper
Lou Cee Creations Chunky Rope no 3 (edited into my own tassels)

Friday, 26 January 2018

Experiments with Coffee Jan 2018

OK, its well known I'll try anything once and I just soak up new techniques all the time, so when I heard about coffee as a medium for painting, I jumped right in there and gave it a go. It was fascinating! A lot of trial and error, but I did like the sepia painting results. It was a fine line to get the real contrasts; I had to go very light and shade up, and then put those darks right against the bright whites to get anything to pop. It's something I would go back to and experiment more with!

This page shows the first four paintings I did with the coffee. There was a fifth that I was not as happy with. Neat, huh?

Experiments with Coffee digi scrapbooking layout Jan 2018

The Kraft +Plus Jan 2018 challenge of caffeine seemed to shout out to me and remind me of all this art experimentation I did before my amazing christmas break. So that's what I've done my page on. I was inspired by the wood and coffee browns and wanted to keep the page as simple as possible with wood/metal and coffee. I really enjoyed doing this.

Kraft +Plus challenge Jan 2018


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